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Latest News on Legionella Control

US deaths raise awareness of Legionella risk in hot tubs

November 2019

Four people have died from a Legionella outbreak tied to a hot tub display at a North Carolina state fair, according to state health officials.

North Carolina’s Department of Health & Human Services reported 133 cases of Legionnaire’s Disease & eight cases of Pontiac fever among people who attended the North Carolina Mountain State Fair in September.

Hot tubs carry a serious risk of Legionella and owners should have a strict testing and cleaning regime.

Legionnaires’ Disease is usually caused by inhaling air contaminated with the bacteria Legionella, which can grow in moist environments like cooling towers, swimming pools and plumbing systems.

It’s considered to be a severe form of pneumonia, with symptoms including headache, muscle ache, fever and coughing that can produce mucus and blood.

Legionella can also cause Pontiac fever, which is milder than Legionnaire’s and typically clears up within a few days.

Hot tubs and spa pools can be a fertile environment for breeding Legionella bacteria. The warm temperature in a hot tub is perfect for the bacteria to grow and it is, therefore, important that hot tub and owners have a thorough testing and cleaning regime.

To ensure safety, hot tub owners should carry-out a Legionella risk assessment, ensure any maintenance issues are dealt with and that thorough routines are put in place for cleaning hot tubs, sampling and testing the water.

All companies with more than five staff or customers have a duty to understand and minimise risk. You must also have access to competent help and advice to comply with Health and Safety legislation.

As experts in risk management of Legionella and other water-borne bacteria, SAS Water Ltd can support all companies and public sector organisations with Legionella control. We can carry-out thorough risk assessments and put a water safety management in place. SAS Water Ltd can also train your staff and offers workshops on site, in a classroom, or via an e-learning platform.

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Public Health England’s statistics show there were 85 cases of Legionella infection in August, bringing the 2019 total to 311 in 8 months. Is your business compliant with the law & do you have routine testing and cleaning plans in place?

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